Despite November being highly competitive due to Black Friday, December offers opportunities for insurers if we are smart about when we invest.
And, more importantly, by getting December right, we set ourselves up to maximize January. This is vital, because, as you know, January is the absolute peak trading month for insurance on Facebook.

Figure 1

It shows that although insurance brands invest less in December, cost per policy is stronger than in November.

Why is this?

See Figure 2 below, which shows the amount of competition in the Facebook marketplace in red, and customer focus on insurance in green.

You will note that whilst the lines are in constant motion, the run-up to Black Friday has far greater competition than anything seen in December.

(See the green box highlights for the best investment opportunities across this period).

Insurance Brands

Figure 2

As marketeers, our task is to ensure we maximise investment in the periods where the green line is higher than the red one.

So, whilst we naturally scale back as Black Friday approaches, there is a good window in early December. Then, from mid-December, Christmas gifting increases competition once more and we ease off investment.

However, the big insight here is that as soon as Christmas Day has passed, we witness both low competition in the marketplace, and high desire to purchase insurance from users, making the final week of December the best opportunity of Quarter 4.

This trend accelerates into January, which is by far the biggest opportunity of the whole year.



So long as we are smart about when and where to push hard, December will deliver stronger CPA than November.

And further, performing well in December is crucial because it sets January up to be the best it can be in that peak trading period