The Power of Innovative Creative in Insurance Social Advertising

When it comes to advertising insurance products, creative often ends up being repetitive, stale and lacking a forward-thinking approach. Often, marketers will have strict brand guidelines to adhere to, as well as in-market regulations that can feel restrictive when it comes to creative asset creation.
This challenge is compounded with the shop-around nature of buying insurance policies and users typically quoting with 2.2 providers before purchasing. As a result, it’s critical that, as marketers, we avoid creative fatigue and ad blindness.

Overhauling advertising creative can feel daunting, but if adverts have become stale or repetitive, then it’s likely that your target audience are no longer well engaged and your CPCs are likely to be going up. 

So how can you maximise the potential of innovative creative in insurance social advertising?
We recommend tackling this challenge in three key ways:

– Create Platform-Specific Content

– Test Different Formats

– Don’t Forget Aspect Ratios

– Case Study: Financial Services


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