Choosing to advertise on Facebook is a solid business decision. Deciding to use facebook video advertising is an even better move.

Every day on the platform, people watch over 100 million hours of video. It is the ideal option to market your products or services if you want a significant return on your advertising dollars.

So, if you are on the fence about using video ads on Facebook, now is the time to act, but you need to be sure that you create an advertising video that will be successful. There are some specific points you want to be sure to address when crafting your ad.

Facebook video

Make It a Digestible Bite

Facebook users are quick-moving. They won’t spend much time watching an ad, so you need to give them the goods in under 15 seconds.

Make sure that you use the time smartly. Put your logo and product image right at the beginning in the first three seconds.

Resist the urge to cram the ad full of information. You only have a short time to get your message across, so keep it simple. Don’t bury the lead, and just tell people what they need to know.

Customize for Mobile Users

Most people accessing Facebook do so on a mobile device, so most of the people watching your video ad will use a mobile device. This is something I cannot stress enough. You must make sure you optimize your ad for these users.

Mobile users have different needs than someone accessing on a computer. To begin with, 85% of them will watch your video with the sound on mute so make sure you provide subtitles for these people. It can also help to focus primarily on visuals and less on the audio aspects of your video.

Facebook recommends ensuring your video is vertical. To do this, use a square aspect ratio. Doing this allows your video to cover most of the screen and gives the user the best experience.

Target the Ad

You need to always think about your audience when creating any type of marketing. Your video ad needs to have a format and content focused on your target audience.

Think about your average customer. Is it male or female? Are they young or old? Where do they live? What are their interests? Why do they need your product or service? Know them inside and out so you can place your ad in the right area and use content they will engage with.

It will be most advantageous for you to write every ad as if you are talking to a specific person. This will grab the user’s attention and create a connection that will more easily convert to a sale.

Do not keep replaying the same ad in every spot. Vary your ads. Create different ones for a variety of customers who frequent your business.

The key to making the most out of Facebook advertising is to capitalize on the platform’s ability to target people. Don’t miss out on this feature.

Facebook video

Focus the Content

You must ensure every part of your advertisement works together. You don’t know what the user will look at, so you must present a unified message. Make sure your copy and video go well together.

Do not use random images or videos. You have to create all of the content for the ad.

Finally, stick to one goal for the campaign. You cannot sell while also building your brand awareness. You need to pick one goal and stick with it.

If you don’t focus your content, you will confuse the user, and they will pass by your ad without consuming the content.

Be Careful with Text

It is imperative that you focus on visuals in your video ad. It can be very tempting to put in text, but if you can get your message across with no text, then do it. The key here to remember is less text is best.

One of the main reasons this is important is because people aren’t going to take the time to read through a block of text. People on Facebook want scannable content.

A couple of words are simple to scan over, but a sentence is too long so don’t make them work to consume your ad.

Ask for the Sale

One of the biggest rules for selling is to ask for the sale. Every newbie in the industry learns this. However, it can sometimes be something you overlook when creating ads.

You still must ask for the sale. Have some type of call to action that will drive the person watching to do something to take the next step.

Facebook makes this pretty easy for you. You have the option to add a call-to-action button. There are many options, so you should be able to find one that works for your situation and you can even try out different ones to see what works the best.

Know Your Options

Before you start advertising on Facebook, it helps to know a little about your options. The platform adds a lot of choices as to the type of ads you can create, but you already know you want to focus on video ads.

The other option you will have is placement. The most lucrative area to advertise on Facebook is in the newsfeed. Ads in the newsfeed are right there where users are looking. While they certainly can scroll past, it is much harder to ignore, so if you can catch their attention, you can reel them in.

The other option is in the right-hand column, but this placement is easier to ignore. You’ll do best if you get the ad in the newsfeed.

Final Words

Creating your Facebook video ad is a smart move. You can draw a lot of attention and amp up your sales by using this marketing method and it certainly is lucrative. Like any marketing, though, there is a lot to learn to be as successful as possible. Chat to us to find out more.
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5 step guide to the perfect facebook video
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