Social Media Advertising

Brief overview of how Rocketer delivers unique social media advertising

facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with 2.7 billion users every month. Its complex array of objectives, targeting and creative formats results in companies struggling to get it to to work.

Our technology, data insights, people and machine learning deliver profitable leads and sales via Facebook Ads. We just scored 93% vs. an 80% average in Facebook’s benchmark for investment intended to drive direct response outcomes.

Instagram Advertising

Over 1 billion accounts use Instagram every month.

84% of people want to discover new products or services on Instagram and 2 in 3 business profile visits are from new users.

Rocketer ensure your Instagram ads reach the exact audience you want using our unique blend of technology, data insights, people and machine learning.

Google display network advertising

Google Display Network Advertising

Reach more people in more places.
Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide.

Rocketer leverage the right mix of affinity audiences, custom intent audiences, customer match, demographics, in-market audiences, life events and remarketing to deliver you profitable leads and sales.

Messenger Advertising

Drive profitable leads and sales with an audience of over 1.3 billion people using Messenger Ads.

Messenger gives people a direct line into the business where they want to spend their money – helping to simplify customer acquisition by providing a direct, conversational way for people to take action.

Google display network advertising

Audience Network Advertising

Leverage the power of 7 million+ mobile apps that display Facebook advertising to deliver profitable leads and sales.

Our unique blend of technology, people, data insights and machine learning places the right rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, native ads and banner ads at the right time across the Audience Network to deliver you results.

YouTube Advertising

Access the people who watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube video everyday.

Our unique approach to YouTube Ads reaches the right people, who matter the most for your business at the right time.

You only pay when they engage with your adverts.

Google display network advertising

Gmail Advertising

Rocketer helps to connect you with potential customers in a more personal way – right in their inbox.

Our unique approach allows us to place targeted Gmail ads across the Promotions and Social tabs of your audiences inboxes.

Pinterest Advertising

The home of inspiration: Pinterest is a high purchase-intent social platform, meaning advertisers should be well versed as it could make or break your marketing strategy.

At Rocketer we keep a close eye on reporting, ensure your pins are relevant to maximise footfall and offer creative services so your brand can be at its most efficient.

All day, every day.

Google display network advertising

TikTok Advertising

TikTok is a marketeer’s newest frontier and if you want to master this emerging media heavyweight, you have to get creative!

Our team understand TikTok’s potential with over 1 billion worldwide users, and we look to find the perfect balance between building brand awareness and converting TikTok’s eclectic community into results for your business.

Snapchat Advertising

At Rocketer, we offer services that help you get the most from the platform – so reaching an engaged audience is only round the corner.

We’ll do the heavy lifting; ensuring we drive the best results for you and utilise Snapchat’s immersive ads, optimised toward your goals, so every brand performs to its highest potential.

Google display network advertising

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is the king of trends.

To truly maximise your marketing on here you have to harness the power of real-time engagement.

With a team of experienced paid social executives, we will test your audiences letting ‘interaction’ lead the way, routinely monitor hashtags for your brand and offer creative resources so your ads never look tired.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn offers a professional network of businesses and individuals in an ecosystem that nurtures talent.

Rocketer can help you tap into this highly sort after market where you can boost engagement, grow your brand, convert traffic into tangible leads, and speak to decision makers.


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