Rocketer produced the first-ever benchmark sector report, which as a proof of concept is targeting the UK Pet Insurance space.

This report benchmarks the organic search, paid search and paid social activity on Facebook for a range of brands from across the market in the UK operating in the Pet Insurance space.

Each brand is assessed and given a channel-specific score and a total cross-channel score.

In this sector report we included 19 pet insurance companies. The overall benchmark scorecard explains the presence across search channels these brands have.  

Key Findings


Leading the Market: GoCompare

The overall market leader is GoCompare followed by Bought By Many as the leading specialist pet insurance brand

Links Aren’t Everything in SEO

The best performing brands have excellent authority. Smaller brands and specialists can compete in this space by producing best-in-class content

Facebook is a Missed Opportunity

Comparison websites lead search channels but typically miss out on Facebook advertising as another traffic acquisition channel

More than half of the brands benchmarked had no adverts live on Facebook

Opportunities to Win

No single brand scores over 75% in all categories. Most brands struggled to fully leverage two key areas: a wide range of advert formats and hi-resolution visuals


Overall Pet Insurance

What does this tell us?

55% of the companies that are benchmarked had no paid social activity live. At the top in our benchmark was GoCompare with a total score of of 52.6, scoring highly across SEO, PPC and Social, but they are missing an opportunity to leverage Paid Social as an acquisition channel. The leading Pet Insurance brand is Bought By Many. They lead in PPC share of traffic, score well on social but have growth opportunity in Organic Search.

Comparison sites dominate the search channels, taking over 28% of the SEO traffic and over 30% of PPC traffic.

Specialist pet insurance brands tend to index highly in a single channel, rather than diversify performance across all search and social.

Organic Search


The analysis starts by selecting 890 of the most searched for phrases within the pet insurance market which have a combined monthly search volume of over 500,000.

We use these phrases to define the share of traffic a brand is receiving from Organic Search.  This is calculated by taking the total monthly traffic a brand received from the 890 keywords, based on their ranking positions, as a percentage of the total combined traffic across all brands.

To understand why these brands are receiving a share of available traffic, we benchmark brands across a range of Authority, Content and Experience metrics – well established ranking factors.

Search Distribution by Keyword Category

Unsurprisingly, the majority of keywords and searches per month sit across generic and then dog/cat specific keywords.

Over 60% of the volume in the market is represented by just 46 Generic Pet Insurance keywords.

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Organic Search Benchmark Scorecard

Search Experience

What does this tell us?



Brands that score highly across authority and content tend to capture a higher share of the organic search traffic.

  • appears to be an outlier to this but has a very strong keyword match in the domain name which could be boosting performance
Pet insurance specific brands tend to have lower authority scores than comparison brands; but don’t appear to be offsetting this challenge through stronger content.

Organic Search Authority Benchmark




A higher score across all metrics typically delivers a higher share of organic search traffic.

Referring domain totals achieved by comparison brands and the RSPCA may look unachievable for pet insurance specific brands. The gap is smaller when at referring domains with 50+ and 75+ authority. The long term goal should be 200+ RD 75+ links, however gains of 10 or 20 for many brands would result in significant performance gains.

Of the Pet Insurance specific brands that score 60%+ overall authority score, the playing field is relatively even; is just edging the pack based on higher referring domain counts.

Organic Search Content Benchmark

Search Content

A lower number of indexed pages typically correlates with lower Organic Search traffic share, however once you break the 1,000 page threshold it appears to be sufficient.

Where brands have scored over 60% content score they tend to have a greater average word count per page. The median number is 2,143 words per page. This in turn delivers a greater range of ranking keywords per page. For those pages with a higher word count they rank for almost 500% more keywords per page than brands with lower word counts per page (avg 2,800 keywords vs avg 471).

Organic Search Experience Benchmark

Search Experience

Experience scores do not appear to directly relate to organic share traffic share in this sector.
This is likely because they are opportunity limiting factors in the eyes of search engines rather than blocking factors for brands.

Brands that do have a lower bounce rate (<43%), higher average visit duration (+3m 29s) and greater pages viewed per visit (+4.7) tend to score a higher organic search traffic search.

Paid Search


The analysis starts by selecting 890 of the most searched for phrases within the pet insurance market. We use these phrases to define the Estimated Daily Visits a brand is receiving from Paid Search. This is a calculation of the number of keywords a brand appears for, how much traffic that keyword has, and the likely number of clicks based on the brand’s paid search position.

Paid Search Traffic Share

No brand has full paid search coverage across the 890 benchmarked keywords. Bought By Many leads the way with 17.6% coverage (157 keywords).

Bought By Many and Animal Friends lead the market in Paid Search. They are the only brands to appear in paid search for over 100 keywords and generate 112% and 65% more daily visits than the average of the top 10 traffic share leaders. Between the two they capture over 35% of all estimated daily traffic.

The top 5 specialist brands capture over 54% of total daily visits, with the remaining specialist brands capturing less than 1%.

Specialist brands Pet Plan and Every Paw generate decent traffic levels but from low keyword counts, for example just ‘pet insurance’ and ‘pet insurance uk’.

Paid Search Traffic Share by Brand Type

  • Specialist pet insurance brands appear to be just edging out comparison brands across paid search.
    • On average appearing for 43 keywords vs 40 for comparison brands
    • Generating 17% more daily visits than comparison brands (2.7k vs 2.4k)
  • General Insurers who also offer non-pet insurance products are in-market but with coverage and traffic levels typically 50% lower than specialist or comparison brands.

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Paid Social - Facebook Benchmark Scorecard


The analysis starts by looking at the brands that have been featured across Organic & Paid Search. We look to see if they have any adverts live on Facebook. Each brand is then given a social benchmark score based on implementation of a range of best practice tactics for the adverts that are live.

Finally, their score is up-weighted proportionally based on a brand’s Organic & Paid Search market share, with the assumption that if they are investing heavily in those channels they will likely be spending at a decent level on Facebook.

Paid Social Facebook Benchmark

55% of the advertisers benchmarked had no paid adverts live on Facebook for pet insurance.

But the brands that did have adverts live, they are largely specialist brands with the only comparison brand live being GoCompare.

Only three specialist pet insurance brands score over 80% for their total benchmark. No single brand scores over 75% in all categories. The two areas most brands struggled to fully leverage are utilising a range of advert formats and hi-resolution visuals.

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Example Facebook Adverts

Bought By Many

84% Benchmark Score

Animal Friends

82% Benchmark Score

MiPet Cover

31% Benchmark Score

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