On the 21st July 2021 we at Rocketer teamed up with Facebook for exclusive event so that we can prepare our clients for a cookie-less world

We were discussing how conversions API can support future advertising on the Facebook platform, what are the benefits Conversions API offers, including use-cases tailored to your vertical and future implications for measurement.

Aidan Doherty Product Marketing Manager, EMEA from Facebook was talking about The Evolving Ads Ecosystem.
“Today, people have infinite choices, but value highly personalised experiences. These experiences are powered by data. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands who recognise, remember and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations and 97% are somewhat or very concerned about protecting their personal data.”

Paul Fagan Marketing Science Partner from Facebook talked about the New Measurement Landscape.
“As we move to a more private world, it’s time to reassess how you measure marketing performance.”

During the Business Track there was a Panel discussion were our COO, Dan Thut was answering questions on How can Conversions API advance advertising strategy?

“We have seen in some markets that a no-cookie optimized campaign makes the CPA 150% worse. This is why we believe in conversions API and working with Facebook to ensure our clients are fully aware and provide the opportunity to prepare for a cookie-less world. Our clients within the financial services industry drive around 30% of their new customers through our Facebook campaigns.
CAPI will also pave way for new opportunities to engage with your customers. Privacy and personalization can co-exist.”