Our Approach

Our Tech: Finding the Right Audience, at Scale

Intelligent Quality Profiling

We create custom audiences from a blend of customer data (segmented by value), pixel performance data and 3rd party information to create the largest, but most relevant lookalike audiences possible for campaigns. We then refine this further using social targeting to ensure that the adverts display to the right people and guarantee you quality leads. In short, we get an audience that no-one else gets.

Our Tech: Online Compliance Pack

Regulatory Protection

All imagery, advert messaging and landing page details are stored in an online system that you have full access to. Once you digitally sign-off, our campaigns are locked and can only use that creative. Ideal for compliance teams, financial advice or regulated industries where you need to trust we are only displaying a messaging you authorise.

Our Tech: Customised Creative At Scale

One to One Creative

We can target and create thousands to millions of advert combinations per campaign. This is designed to stand out in a end-users newsfeed. In this example a map of a users home location is shown along with their town name – each is unique to that user. This allows better click through rates, lower cost per clicks, higher conversion rates and ultimately better CPAs.

Our Tech: Dynamic Landing Pages

Consistency in the User Journey

Our technology stack can build customised landing pages that match the customised advertising and end user has seen within Facebook. This means you see best in class conversion rates.

Our Tech: Geographic Performance

Identifying Key Performers

We identify key performing population areas that are driving strong conversions, strong volume or a combination of both. Our technology then automatically scales activity in those areas.  We also identify ‘greedy pigs’; those places that spend disproportionately more budget than the conversions they drive and trims the campaigns accordingly. This means you are always spending your budget in the best performing areas.

Our Tech: Bid Management

Balancing Scale and Performance

Our automated bid management systems employs a bid decision matrix that looks at total account, campaign, ad set and advert performance versus targets. It automatically increases or decreases bids to find the sweet spot of scale within target.

Our Tech: Spend & Performance Control

Delivering ROI

Our technology constantly monitors account and campaign performance versus targets. If the overall campaign isn’t working that day or certain campaigns are spending ‘hot’ versus target then it automatically switches off advertising. This protects your marketing spend and also ensures it is spent on the campaigns that are working best.

Our Tech: Performance Transparency

Live Reporting Suite

You get access to a live reporting suite, which acts as one place for all reporting. It allows you to drill down into any element of the campaigns and see performance. We use it to help manage your campaigns. You can use it for performance checking and business communications.