We use social media advertising differently to drive profitable leads and sales at scale.


Personalized ads, proprietary ad tech, a team of experts, data insights and machine learning algorithms deliver successful social ad campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Rocketer delivers unique social media advertising. Proprietary technology displays personalized creative to quality audiences. Our people leverage winning data insights in campaigns management. Machine learning algorithms move your media spend where it works.
You get quality leads that convert to sale, at scale, for the best possible cost.

Facebook Advertising

Our bread and butter. The oil to our cogs.
To say we’re experts at Facebook advertising would be an understatement.
Our technology, data insights, people and machine learning deliver profitable leads and sales via Facebook Ads. We just scored 93% vs. an 80% average in Facebook’s benchmark for investment intended to drive direct response outcomes.
On the worlds largest social platform, we’ve got you covered.



Instagram Advertising

Over 1 billion accounts use Instagram every month. 84% of people want to discover new products or services on Instagram and 2 in 3 business profile visits are from new users.
Rocketer ensure your Instagram ads reach the exact audience you want using our unique blend of technology, data insights, people and machine learning. 


Messenger Advertising

Drive profitable leads and sales with an audience of over 1.3 billion people using Messenger Ads.
Messenger gives people a direct line into the business where they want to spend their money – helping to simplify customer acquisition by providing a direct, conversational way for people to take action.



Audience Network Advertising

Leverage the power of 7 million+ mobile apps that display Facebook advertising to deliver profitable leads and sales.
Our unique blend of technology, people, data insights and machine learning places the right rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, native ads and banner ads at the right time across the Audience Network to deliver you results.



YouTube Advertising

Access the people who watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube video everyday.
Our unique approach to YouTube Ads reaches the right people, who matter the most for your business at the right time.
You only pay when they engage with your adverts.



Gmails Advertising

Rocketer helps to connect you with potential customers in a more personal way – right in their inbox.
Our unique approach allows us to place targeted Gmail ads across the Promotions and Social tabs of your audiences inboxes.



Google Display Network Advertising

Place your ads where they matter most with Google Display Network – An amalgamation of Google’s advertising portfolio. Users can see your ads whilst browsing the web, showing your colleague a YouTube video or checking your Gmail; all places to catch a user’s attention.
With robust in-market audiences and automated ad optimisation, improving your ROI has never been as easy.



Pinterest Advertising

The home of inspiration: Pinterest is a high purchase-intent social platform, meaning advertisers should be well versed as it could make or break your marketing strategy.
At Rocketer we keep a close eye on reporting, ensure your pins are relevant to maximise footfall and offer creative services so your brand can be at its most efficient.
All day, every day.



TikTok Advertising

TikTok is a marketeer’s newest frontier and if you want to master this emerging media heavyweight, you have to get creative!
Our team understand TikTok’s potential with over 1 billion worldwide users, and we look to find the perfect balance between building brand awareness and converting TikTok’s eclectic community into results for your business.



Snapchat Advertising

At Rocketer, we offer services that help you get the most from the platform – so reaching an engaged audience is only round the corner.
We’ll do the heavy lifting; ensuring we drive the best results for you and utilise Snapchat’s immersive ads, optimised toward your goals, so every brand performs to its highest potential.



Twitter Advertising

Twitter is the king of trends.
To truly maximise your marketing on here you have to harness the power of real-time engagement.
With a team of experienced paid social executives, we will test your audiences letting ‘interaction’ lead the way, routinely monitor hashtags for your brand and offer creative resources so your ads never look tired.



LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn offers a professional network of businesses and individuals in an ecosystem that nurtures talent.
Rocketer can help you tap into this highly sort after market where you can boost engagement, grow your brand, convert traffic into tangible leads, and speak to decision makers.



How we are DIFFERENT #1 

How we are DIFFERENT #1

How we are DIFFERENT #1

5 Proprietary Technologies That Let Us Do Things Differently and Deliver You Results


audience profiling

Finding the right audience that will convert application to sale

We create custom audiences from a blend of customer data, pixel performance data and third-party information, to create the largest, but most relevant audiences possible.


online compliance pack

Locked systems ensure we only ever display ad messaging and disclaimers that you authorize giving regulatory protection

All imagery, video, advert messaging and landing page details are stored in our proprietary compliance pack software that you have full access to.


personalized ads

More clicks, lower traffic costs, better acquisition costs, more scale

We can target and create thousands of personalized advert combinations at the touch of a button using our proprietary systems.


campaign controls

Delivering ROI by funneling your media spend into campaigns that are working best that day

Our technology live monitors account and campaign performance versus target. If the overall campaign isn’t working that day, then our systems automatically pause the spend in that line.


reporting suite

Transparency and insights on what is working in your campaigns and how they are applied to your campaigns

You get access to a live reporting suite allowing you to drill down into all elements of the campaigns and see performance.


How we are DIFFERENT #2  

How we are DIFFERENT #2  

How we are DIFFERENT #2  

Our GLOBAL team that are social media advertising specialists

We have the best people in the world.

A team of operational finance services experts who only focus on making social media advertising work for our partners – No other distractions. Our team are cherry-picked MVPs who bring a level of strategic insight and operational savvy that isn’t available anywhere else globally.

Our people are organised into ‘partner pods’ which have a mix of seniority levels resulting in the perfect blend of  senior strategic oversight through to world class operational daily deployment.

How we are DIFFERENT #3

How we are DIFFERENT #3

How we are DIFFERENT #3

The DATA INSIGHTS that deliver winning campaigns

We’ve spent years running Facebook advertising campaigns in your sector. We have a huge data repository of insights at the touch of a button:

The insights from this data let us create winning campaign playbooks that no-one else can. We hit the ground running and invest into those areas that work quickly.


Bid changes

Personalized adverts

Advert clicks

Aggregated Google Search Interest (Google trends)

US Car insurance Annual Search Trend Data by Quarter (Last 5 years)

US Life insurance Annual Search Trend Data by Quarter (Last 5 years)

How we are DIFFERENT #4

How we are DIFFERENT #4

How we are DIFFERENT #4 

The MACHINE LEARNING algorithm that enhances human performance, generating acquisition costs that consistently exceed expectations


bid optimization

Automated bid changes balance the lowest bid for the right level of impressions.


stop command

Automatically pause runaway campaigns based on change point detection.


investment management

Based on predicted CPA and spend, pause ineffective campaigns and shift investment to wider campaigns.

Rocketer Health Check

Rocketer Health Check

Rocketer Health Check

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Cost Per Conversion

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At Rocketer, main priority has always been finding more efficient ways to market for our clients. We wanted to encourage SBLI to test a variety of creatives to identify avenues to improve performance. Running consistent testing, especially regarding creatives, is what sets it apart from competitors.

Rocketer ran a scalable Facebook campaign that exceeded acquisition cost targets for MiWay. This included the creation of ‘Lookalike Audiences’ that would specifically target users who would generate highly profitable policies for insurers.

Reviti Life is insurance specifically designed for those who smoke or use a vape. Smokers, vapers, quitters and everyone in between receive a year’s worth of payments back if they quit tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more.


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