Our suite of proprietary technologies has been built over time. Our API partnership with Yahoo! spawned our Search Submit Pro tool and captured 80% of the European search market. As an original Facebook API Beta participant we’ve now developed the most sophisticated suite of optimisation products, worldwide.

We are also Beta partners with global leaders such as Acquisio and Google which enables us to measure the impact of effective Facebook advertising on brand search terms.


Our core technology platform. Hercules manages, scales and tracks all of our Facebook advertising and is the only solution worldwide that understands and optimises Facebook’s dynamic quality score. Hercules can be licensed to brands, agencies and third party Facebook developers.


Developed in partnership with Acquisio, AdIntuit consolidates 10 years of algorithms and individual search APIs into a single platform. AdIntuit helps to measure the halo effect of good Facebook advertising on brand search terms.


Our Product Feed platform. Merctix pulls in data from multiple CMSs and delivers multiple variant copy for brands on Facebook in real time. We can also aggregate, optimise and manage multiple variant copy into feed-driven search campaigns.


Many excellent sales leads generated through Facebook campaigns are lost as a result of poor conversion within call centres. Telaria enables us to measure and optimise the effectiveness of the telephone within a client’s sales conversion programme and identify which Facebook copy variants deliver the best results.