Direct Response

Rocketer understands, interrogates and mines Facebook’s targeting options to build the perfect audience for brand campaigns. Using our own proprietary optimisation platform we do this quicker, and better, than our peers. It is not unusual for a single Rocketer campaign to be targeted at over 50,000 different micro segments based on criteria including geographical location, newspaper readership or hobbies and interests. Hercules then picks up the baton and runs continual analysis, suggesting new segments based on everything from time of day, optimal keywords, conversion performance to client-specific KPIs. Integrating the right keywords, copy, creative and calls to action for each of these segments also requires our technology. Hercules analyses all the variants at a component level and recommends further enhancements. It also prevents campaign burnout by optimising and adjusting ad creative and copy in real time.

Potential: We can increase conversions ten-fold and halve CPA.

Fan Acceleration

Fans are ‘actively engaged consumers’ and therefore more likely to purchase. They also come back to purchase more. They are also quick, cheap and easy to acquire. That’s why we’re interested in them. At Rocketer we talk about Fan Acceleration, rather than Fan Acquisition. Building the right fan base, optimised towards customer lifetime value, is what our technology focuses on. Hercules is at the heart of our Fan Acceleration programme, from campaign inception to reporting. By merging client data with Facebook information and Hercules’ own historical analysis, it quickly identifies the optimal segments and best mechanics to engage those groups. Optimising towards cost-per-fan (CPF) is the end of most technologies’ journey, but the beginning of ours. Tracking activity across the digital spectrum to correctly attribute the source and point of conversion and then optimising Facebook campaigns accordingly is where Hercules really stands out. Our clients can see exactly the impact our fan acceleration work has, and continues to have, on their business regardless of the timeframe, channel or point of purchase.

Potential: We can achieve a ratio of 1:2 for sharing from page visits inside Facebook and deliver a 300% increase in search conversions.

Display Advertising

Display advertising on Facebook is cheap; way cheaper than network display. Not only that, it’s more targeted too. We can accurately pin-point your customers and at the same time, deliver a staggering volume of impressions at a fraction of the cost you are used to paying through your ad network. More impressions and far less wastage are just two of the benefits our technology delivers for brand advertisers. Hercules is designed to optimise display advertising, pushing CPM’s through the floor whilst delivering impressions to only those customers who are likely to respond to your ads. Hercules can overlay your consumer data whilst adding additional Facebook targeting for maximum impact. With CPMs from as low as £0.11 on targeted display activity, brands can serve hundreds of millions of impressions and reach audiences far larger than those offered by ad networks. With technology as powerful as ours and an audience as large as Facebook’s, brands now have a new way to stand out from the crowd. Display has never been this effective.

Potential: With a spend of £100,000 we can deliver an additional 680 million impressions, 128,000 clicks and CPC’s that are up to £5.50 cheaper than ad network display activity.