What Facebook Can Do For You Business

Facebook is a game changing marketing opportunity for brands. It offers brands the ability to build, own and engage a community of 1.65 billion people.

Cleverly, it allows brands to break those huge audiences down into micro-targeted, targeted demographic, attitudinal and geographic groups and thereby optimise marketing effectiveness.

Facebook is a combination of mass and direct marketing media rolled into one. It's made 'one-to-one mass marketing' a reality by enabling brand advertisers and direct marketers to deliver mass coverage, high frequency, direct targeting and highly relevant and effective consumer engagement - all at the same time.

Of course, it's not quite as simple as that.

Effective Facebook marketing requires technology. A complex decision engine, a rules-based algorithm that allows you to target millions of people and treat them like individuals, as well as a platform that tracks, analyses and optimises marketing activity, plus every £ of marketing spend, every second.

Not surprisingly, not everyone has one of those.

At Rocketer, we do.

Our unique technology has helped us increase Microsoft's fan base by 133%, delivered most test drives for Mazda than any other channel and turned Facebook into Hilton's core online sales vehicle.

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