The De Facto Facebook Optimisation Platform Worldwide

Rocketer has developed the de facto Facebook optimisation platform, worldwide.

Our proprietary technology enables us to directly target 1.65 billion consumers with over 50,000 ad variants as well as manage bids and quality scores in real time.

We test and learn constantly and achieve optimisation results on Facebook that are literally light years ahead of any other company or platform. Become one of our partners or licence our products and see the difference that science and data will make to your business on Facebook.

Our Partners


Our suite of proprietary technologies enable us to take a highly scientific approach to advertising. Partnering with world-leading companies such as Yahoo!, Google, Acquisio and Facebook gives us unparalleled access and insight into each channel as well as how they can be made to work together.


Whether you need fans, sales or branding, we have the Facebook products that will do all that, and more. Find out how we can scale up activity, ROI and traction, helping you understand, measure and enhance the impact Facebook has on your marketing goals – and your bottom line.


Our team has been consistently pushing the boundaries of what advertising can achieve since digital began. Hailing from a range of marketing, creative and technical backgrounds, we are all unashamedly focused on a single goal – to increase still further the innovation gap of Hercules, the de facto Facebook optimisation platform, worldwide.